ISAPA Report

ISAPA 2015 Israel

The 20th International Symposium on Adapted Physical Activity

11-15 June 2015

Location: Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel

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Prof. Cindy Sit (HK) has been appointed vice-president of IFAPA.

Prof. Tomoyasu Yasui (Japan) has been appointed to the regional representatives.

ISAPA2013 Istanbul


Prof. Dr. Cindy Sit assumed new IFAPA fellow(2013).

In a poster presentation awards ISAPA2013, Asian presenter was awarded to three place from first place.


1. Chan Woong Park, Lauriece Zittel, So-Yeun Kim, Marilyn Looney

Validation of the Physical Activity Level Screening (PALS) on Pre-schoolers with a Disability/ Delay

2. Shih-Wen Huang, Chia-Liang Tsai, Fu-Chen Chen, Chien-Yu Pan, Feng-Ying Chou

Effects of Aerobic Exercise Intervention on Visuospatial Working Memory in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

3. Catherine M. Capio, Kathlynne F. Eguia, Cindy H.P. Sit, Johan Simons

Locomotor and Object Control Skills of Filipino Children in Special Schools