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Japanese Society of Adapted Physical Education and Exercise (JASAPE)

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Members: about 220 parsons


The National Conference of ASAPE in Japan organized by the ASAPE Japan Branch was first held in Tsukuba in 1996. Since then, it has developed into a major national event.

After the third Conference in 1999, we have held a joint congress with the Society of Rehabilitation Sports in Japan, which was attended by about 250 participants.

Asian Society for Adapted Physical Activity and Exercise in Japan was renamed to Japanese Society for Adapted Physical Education and Exercise(JASAPE) at November 2006.

At June 2007, JASAPE was recognized to official associate members of by The Science Council of Japan which was established in January 1949 as a "special organization" under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister for the purpose of promoting and enhancing the field of science, and having science reflected in and permeated into administration, industries and people's lives.

National Conference in Japan

The 15th National Conference of the Japanese Society of Adapted Physical Education and Exercise (JASAPE) was held in December 2011 at Ibaragi Prefecture. 37 oral presentations on adapted physical activity topics were given. The 16th JASAPE will be held in November 23-24th 2012 at Hirosaki University at Aomori prefecture in Japan.


JASAPE has published the Japanese Journal of Adapted Sport Science since 2003. The journal of JASAPE has published papers dealing with all kinds of problems relating to adapted physical education and sports for the disabled, the elderly, and other topics. Reviews, original articles, practical reports, brief communications, reference materials, proceedings and book reviews, written in Japanese or English, are accepted for the journal. The tenth issue published in August 2012.

Post disaster

Japanese Society of Adapted Physical Activity and Exercise (JASAPE) started the “Adapted sports support program” for people with disability in disaster area. We would like to express our appreciation to you for your kindness and contribution to recovery.