Special Olympics Research in the ASAPA-NAFAPA Scholar Series 

We are pleased to announce our first talk on Special Olympics Research in the ASAPA-NAFAPA Scholar Series.

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We are pleased to announce a workshop in Hokkaido, a place that is highly anticipated to utilize its extensive natural environment to support children with disabilities. The intent of this workshop is to actively discuss how physical activity and exercise for children with disabilities should be supported in the future in Japan and other parts of Asia.






International conference on APA was held at Jan.29. 2011 at Osaka University of Health and Sport in Osaka, Japan, in cooperation with Indonesian Society of Adapted Physical Activity and Education (ISAPE), Korean Society of Adapted Physical Activity and Exercise (KOSAPE) and Japanese Society for Adapted Physical Education and  Exercise (JASAPE) .


Guest speakers and their topics were as follows;

“Special Needs Education and Adapted Physical Activity in Indonesia” by Dr. Djadja Rahardja from ISAPE

“Future Development and Study Trend of Adapted Physical Activity and Sport in Korea” by Prof. Dr. Hea Ja Chun from KOSAPE

“The status of school education on sports for disabled students and its problems in Japan” by Dr. Tetsuji Kakiyama


The conference was proceeded by each speaker’s presentation followed by some discussion time.  More than 40 audiences participated were university students, researchers from JASAPE, and the sports leaders at local community.


Major topics discussed were mainly two.  One was to build a more solid foundation of mutual understanding and exchange, especially mutual exchange of students and researchers.  And the other was related to establish Asian Master Course of Adapted Physical Activity, like European Master Course of APA.


Kensuke Iwaoka(Osaka University of Health and Sport in Osaka, Japan)

Vice president JASAPE



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Date:        August 23-26, 2013

Venue:     Hokkaido University of Education- Sapporo campus facilities, A・Risada (not-for-profit disability sports organization) related facilities, and surrounding natural environments



Friday, Aug. 23rd                        Arrival / Registration / Information Session

Saturday, Aug. 24th                   Canoeing trial session (supported by Spina Bifida Association of Japan Hokkaido Branch, Hokkaido Canoe Association for the Disabled)

                                                        A・Risada’s Forest Tour & Activity Session

Sunday, Aug. 25th                    Panel Discussion: Initiatives across Asia and relationship-building with Hokkaido

Monday, Aug. 26th                    Tours of Hokkaido University of Education School for Special Needs Education (optional)

Tours of surrounding Schools for Special needs Education (optional)



EUCAPA will be a 3 day conference in a beautiful city of Olomouc with all contributions in a plenary schedule as to allow participants to attend as much presentations as possible.

We are putting great emphasis on ‘research’ and presentation of excellent quality work.

Our aim is also to attract colleagues that are not attending (anymore) APA conferences and to start specific trajectory for youngsters to attract them to APA work in Europe.

All the lectures, workshops and other parts of conference will be held in NH Collection Olomouc Congress

Important dates:

Adapted Physical Activity & Education International Workshop in Hokkaido